Express Foods Harvest Crunch, Muesli and White Oats

Harvest Crunch, Oats and Muesli are ready to eat breakfast cereals that contain value-added ingredients like almonds, raisins and honey. These are perfect options for starting the day as they offer the nutrients of a complete breakfast. Medical research has indicated that a person’s diet is closely linked with heart disease. A diet with increased levels of dietary fibres and low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Why should you eat oats?

Oats have the highest amount of soluble fibre

Soluble fibre has a cholesterol lowering effect, thus reducing the risk of heart disease

Zero cholesterol

Natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals

Beneficial for children, elderly and athletes


Excellent for diabetics

Prolonged energy release, thus giving better satiety as compared to cornflakes

Can be digested easily

Boosts immune system

Express Foods Granola

Express Foods Granola is a whole grain breakfast cereal that contains valuable nutrients to give you the perfect, energised start to the day. It contains oats as a key ingredient that is known to increase dietary fibre, reduce cholesterol levels and give a prolonged energy release when digested – meaning, more sustenance than your average breakfast cereal.

Available in Regular Oats, Chocolate and Cranberry flavour, Express Foods Granola is the perfect breakfast item for children and adults alike. It offers a great combination of flavour and nutrition to kick - start your day.
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