The Luxury Of Oil

The Luxury Of Oil

Slather or drizzle, oil is that magical potion that we have always been confused about. What oils are good for you? Should oil just be restricted to your hair and the frying pan? Does all oil mean high cholesterol and fat?

We've seen the advertisements, read the ingredient list at the back of the bottle, but do we truly understand how essential oil is to our well being?

There is a luxurious zeal in the existence of oil. Nourishing, wholesome and proactive - for body, mind and soul.

If we just had to round up the most common oils we are exposed to, there is much to learn. Olive oil protects against heart disease by keeping 'bad' (LDL) cholesterol levels in check, raising the quantity of good (HDL) cholesterol. Drizzle it on your salads, toss a quick stir fry, or serve it as a quick herbed dip with bread. But did you know, Olive oil can be your 'me-time' companion? Whether it’s right after a long hot shower or while binge-watching your favourite TV show, slather on some virgin olive oil to nourish, moisturise and detox your skin.

Sesame oil is one of the most underrated oils. While it might mostly be restricted to your food, Sesame oil is almost heroic when it comes to the well being of your skin, heart and mind. The anti-bacterial effects of sesame oil can help to eliminate impurities that can attack our hair. It is also rich in zinc, which is probably one of the most essential mineral for the well being of our skin. It can increase skin elasticity and smoothness, and wipe off those age-spots right away!

"If it is good enough to eat, it is good enough to put on your face.” One of the most powerful lessons we learned from our grandmothers, that has stood the test of time, against all cosmetic odds. The luxury of oil lies in its au natural cosmetic fervour, conditioning and soothing nature, one that we so desperately pine for in our daily chaos. Medicinal, therapeutic, an all-rounded win - indulging in oil is an indulgence sans season.