R. R. Oomerbhoy Pvt. Ltd. (RRO) is the brainchild of Rashid S. Oomerbhoy and his son Riyad, scions of the illustrious Ahmed Oomerbhoy.

It was in early 1900, much before we got our independence from the British, but in the throes of the struggle for freedom, that Ahmed Oomerbhoy left his small town home and family timber business in Gujarat, to set up a small edible oil unit in the heart of Mumbai. To start with, he procured his groundnuts from available sources, crushed them in-house and sold the oil loose to small time local vendors. Soon the demand grew and he started selling them in barrels, not only in his newly adopted city, but to neighboring towns as well. Each barrel was simply stamped with a large AO. What started as a small scale industry soon grew into a mammoth business that launched National brands of a wide range of the finest edible oils, including the iconic Postman Refined Groundnut Oil.



    R. R. Oomerbhoy Pvt. Ltd. (RRO), incorporated in 1992, has remained committed to good health and quality food products since it began operations in 1995. “Our prime focus has always been on Quality, Performance and Marketing Excellence. Apart from harnessing our rich legacy of experience and expertise in the edible oil trade, we have diversified in order to create a bountiful portfolio of leading global food brands” says Riyad Oomerbhoy.
RRO’s expertise and market goodwill have facilitated its standing as a leading FMCG company. RRO is uncompromising on the high standards that have been set, Dedication to hard work and infectious enthusiasm, their distribution strength, an efficient field force, sustainable financial resources, organizational and people skills - these are the keystones to RRO's consistent success.

RRO's choice of local and international alliances reflects these values. Every alliance is developed independently as a strategic business unit, with the aim of achieving maximum potential return on business investment through sales turnover with optimum cost efficiency.

RRO firmly believes that the true test of a cooking medium is to make food taste good. Great attention is paid, from sourcing the finest seeds for oil extraction to stringent quality standards in processing, RRO has earned an enviable reputation in manufacturing and marketing the near perfect cooking oil that makes your food flavorsome without compromising on health.

RRO’s world-class range of cooking mediums include PRIMIO Refined Groundnut Oil/ SUNCHEF Refined Sunflower Oil/ RRO Premium Filtered Groundnut Oil/ Mastdil Premium Mustard Oil/ Tildil Premium Til Oil, Olivio Extra Virgin and Classico Pure Olive Oil.

In sync with current market development, RRO has ventured into manufacturing and marketing of indigenous produce, rather than bank on extraneous trade. RRO now has a new product basket brimful with home grown fine foods, which include an extensive variety of processed and fresh gourmet cheeses.

RRO also markets Vine Vinegars, Express Foods Healthy Breakfast Cereals and Domino’s Cookies.


Build superior consumer brand value:
By delivering more product benefits to consumers at the right price, compared to the competition, ensuring great-tasting products, innovative packaging, consistent high quality, wide availability, helpful services and a strong brand image.

Build demand through superior customer collaboration:
Enhancing the relationships we have with our trade partners to achieve success with consumers.

Transform the portfolio:
Accelerating the shift in our product portfolio to better align it with key consumer and customer trends and the fastest-growing sales channels and demographic groups.

Expand on a global scale:
Increasing our business internationally, especially in developing countries around the world.
Drive out costs and optimum use of assets:
Creating a leaner cost structure and making better use of our assets to generate savings we can reinvest in brand building.

Strengthen employee and organizational excellence:
Developing organizational productivity by supporting our employees in meeting business challenges efficiently.

Act responsibly:
To continue our long tradition of integrity and support for the community, we engage in community welfare issues that are most relevant to our business. We are committed to integrating ourselves with local audiences and in this regard, we have initiated the following: RRO Wellness Program promotes ‘Good Health for life for all’. Our Healthy Lifestyle initiatives help families improve their eating patterns and promote physical activity. Listen To Your Heart - a weekly program conducted at the Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai School Wellness Program aims to educating children, and their parents, about health and nutrition and food habits that keep you fit As part of its educational outreach program, RRO has also embarked on heart care programs that are centered on use of healthy oils and fats. The fundamental goal of the organisation is to better the health of the community, through the products we market as well as through our several social undertakings.


    Riyad Oomerbhoy is the young and dynamic Managing Director of R. R. Oomerbhoy  Pvt. Ltd., the company he set up in 1992 along with his sister Roohi. The values and traditions that three generations of Oomerbhoys have built and upheld are ingrained in the DNA of these fourth generation scions of the illustrious Ahmed Oomerbhoy family.
Riyad's academic life began with schooling at Papplewick, then on to Kings College, and finally, Business Management at Richmond in England. He returned home to take up the family business of manufacturing, distributing, and marketing premium edible oils, and under the proficient guidance of his father, skillfully steered the company forward with giant strides.

Riyad's vibrant approach and business acumen soon succeeded in RRO acquiring a large product portfolio of premium edible oils like PRIMIO Refined Groundnut Oil, PRIMIO GOLD Filtered Groundnut Oil, Mastdil Premium Mustard Oil, Tildil Premium Til Oil and SUNCHEF Refined Sunflower Oil. Adding to an already overflowing product basket were a number of leading global brands in other food categories, such as cheese, breakfast cereals, pasta sauces and cookies

In just a few years, he carved a niche for himself amongst the foremost companies in the Indian food industry, and is today a leading player on the fast growth track, fuelled by his dynamic technique of innovation and expansion. He went ahead and initiated a number of successful alliances with leading global food companies, ensuring that their fine food brands found a place in homes and kitchens across the country. Chief among them were Unilever Italia, Unilever France, Barilla, Riso Gallo and Express Foods Breakfast Cereals.

Keeping in step with modern trends, Riyad soon realized the business sense of putting all his immense talents and resources in manufacturing and marketing indigenous products, rather than bank on foreign trade. In next to no time, RRO had another overflowing basket of home grown fine foods, which included an wide-ranging assortment of processed and fresh gourmet cheeses.

Riyad's natural chutzpa and inherent business acumen, together with his sister Roohi's dynamism and vibrant energy, have successfully built an enviable reputation in the world of food trade and industry.
    Roohi Oomerbhoy Jaikishan is the executive Director of R. R. Oomerbhoy Pvt. Ltd. She heads the Marketing operations of RRO’s wide range of world-class cooking mediums and selection of premium global food brands. With her at the forefront along with her brother Riyad, RRO is one of the fastest growing FMCG Companies in India.
It is her passion that drives the CSR health initiatives undertaken by RRO as well as the several programs to promote health and nutrition for children. The RRO Wellness Program for children and adults aims at ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’, and has been devised with a single focus – ‘good health for life’.

Roohi accrued work experience first as a trainee in Marketing and Sales at Ahmed Mills, which manufactured a variety of edible oils, toilet soaps, processed and frozen foods, including the iconic 'Postman' brand groundnut oil. This gave her the solid foundation that helped her carry forward her family legacy. She was taken on as Brand Manager in RRO's venture with Patterson Zacchonis, and was responsible for launching Imperial Leather soap and talc in India.

Roohi's sense of aesthetics, the natural creativity inherent in her, and her youthful energy compliment her brother Riyad's natural professional corporate insight. Together they make a formidable duo in the FMCG business world.

Roohi says, “We are a company that lives and breathes fine food. RRO is not only centered on business and bottom-lines, but also on finding ways to contribute to the well-being of society - through education of children and adults, with a focus on nutrition, health and holistic living.”